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Produce Your Own Ultimate All-Around Horse with

The Complete Formula...SBR Formula One!



SBR Formula One has a lot to offer as a breeding stallion! Particularly appealing is his Proven Versatility by competing in so many different events well. Most importantly, this Capability is derived by his Willing Disposition which empowers his consistent want to please, an unmatched Charisma that we treasure. The Dependability and loyalty that SBR Formula One offers is Unique and Admired, and a trait he passes on to his wonderful foals!

Top that off with Balanced Conformation and a stunningly beautiful golden Buckskin coat accented by gorgeous heavy Dun factor, and you have Color beyond color, and a whole package within one Extraordinary Stallion!

In addition to his above attributes, SBR Formula One is also Triple Registered with AQHA, ABRA, and IBHA, as well as being AQHA Incentive Fund Nominated and Enrolled.

SBR Formula One is The Complete Formula and The Ultimate All-Around Horse!


Stallion Specifics:


               DOB May 3, 2003; 15.2 hands; Buckskin Dun (Dunskin)


Registrations & Association Approvals:


       - AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association)

       - ABRA (American Buckskin Registry Association)

       - IBHA (International Buckskin Horse Association)

       - APHA Listed Approved (American Paint Horse Association)

       - ApHC Listed Approved (Appaloosa Horse Club)


Nominations / Enrollments / Incentive Programs:


              - AQHA Incentive Fund Nominated and Enrolled Yearly, and Money Earner

                  (therefore all his AQHA foals are Incentive Fund eligible!)

              - Foal Incentive Fund Awards Program - Offered by Sun Colors Ranch to ALL

                         AQHA & APHA registered FOALS sired by SBR Formula One. Click Here for details!


Health & Genetic Info:

  • N/N on standard 5 disease panel (HYPP, PSSM, MH, GBED, HERDA)
  • EVA Tested Negative & Vaccinated Annually
  • No exposure to CEM
  • High Progressive Motility, usually >70% at collection, >60% at 24-48h, >50% at 60h


Coat Color Genetics:   EE, AAt, nCr, nDn, nW20

Color:     Buckskin Dun (referred to by some as Dunksin - a buckskin with a dun gene)

Details:   Homozygous Black and Agouti, 1 agouti brown, 1 cream gene, 1 dun gene, 1 W20 gene

Other:     N/N for LWO, SW1, SW2, SW3

Color Genetics Testing done by Animal Genetics, Inc. For a copy of the report click here.

***To find out what SBR Formula One and your mare could produce, click here!***

(Calculator Directions: For stallion, select color as Dunskin, then select mare color and go to next page. Fill in stallion genetics as (EE, AA, Dn) fill in mare's info (or leave everything "unknown" if mare has not been tested). This site will give you all the possible colors the pair can produce together).

Breeding Fees: 

Stud Fee: $1,200 includes 1st collection cooled semen, we do have frozen available

2017 forward we will book a very limited number due to time and expenses involved

No discounts will be offered as we have a very fair price stucture for such a high caliber versatile, proven, stallion.

Click Here for full list of discounts available for 2017

Booking Fee/Deposit: $250 (applied to stud fee amount, not in addition to)

Collection Fee: 1st is included in stud fee, addition collections are $200

(includes collection, cooled semen prep/eval & disposable container)

Shipping: Provide us Fedex# for actual costs to be paid we do not mark up.

Frozen available for more info contact.

No Chute Fees, No Returned Containers/Costs, No Hidden Fees!

Please click here to if you are seriously interested in booking, and email us for more.


  Other Notes:

       -  Booking fees are due upon contract, stud fees/other fees are due prior to shipping

       -  We only breed stallion via AI, fresh/cooled (no live cover), if local you can pick up

       -  We do have frozen semen available, however we are not shipping out of country at this time

       -  We collect Monday, Wednesday, Friday (and may make exceptions for other days)

       -  We provide a very detailed breeding agreement with all info included, and efficient communication

       -  For a booking contract please email us, we do not publish online for copyright protection


Breeding Season: 

February 15 - June 15 (we may consider a few days earlier/later depending on our schedule)



Live Foal Guarantee - foal must stand and nurse on it's own and live for 24-hours. If mare does not take before the end of the season and less than 3 shipments/inseminations have been done, or foal passes during the LFG time period, you can re-breed the following season and no additional stud fees will be charged. The booking agreement contains full details.

Re-Breed / Alternate Mare Options - Should your mare not become pregnant within the contract agreement specifications, you will have an opportunity re-breed the same mare the following season or use an alternate mare, and no additional booking or stud fees will apply.


Foal Incentive Rewards Program:

We offer a very generous program to encourage foal owners to show their foal.

CLICK HERE for program details. Other things might qualify for gifts and awards as well so please keep in touch with us about your SBR Formula One foal's accomplishments!


Breeding Fee & Services Pricing:

We have continued to offer this incredible stallion to the general public at low competitive breeding fees in comparison with other stallions of similar caliber and of facilities/personnel of comparable experience, as well as including extended guarantees and options within the contract that many owners don't. Several of the popular colored stallions have not even accomplished anything physically, some only juvenile halter titles, and are asking $1200-$1700 because they are pretty... We are offering a very inclusive package of a stallion and breeding experience in ONE WHOLE PACKAGE for a very much more affordable rate that has way more proof of bang for your buck! We limit the number of mares booked by focusing on contracting with mare owners that are in-line with our expectations and goals of getting mare pregnant quickly and efficiently by using competent breeding managers/vet. We reserve the right to decline booking any mare/owner for any reason we feel necessary. Email or call us anytime.



We welcome approved registered mares of the following breeds:

                                                      - Quarter Horses

                                                      - Thoroughbreds

                                                      - Paints

                                                      - Appaloosas

                                                      - Arabians


(May consider other registries like PtHA, ABRA, IBHA, PHBA, etc. depending on the actual breed of the horse and accomplishments.



*~*~*~*~ SBR Formula One, The Ultimate All-Around Quarter Horse Stallion! ~*~*~*~*






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